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Tantricouple69 we get home from bar hopping and I am tipsy. I am super flirty but you can't fuck me because I have a boyfriend. I tell you its really hot and I take off my dress... I start touching myself. Well what harm will it do if you just watch... but you cant fuck me. I get so worked up and you are hard do you fuck me but only under the condition that you never tell anyone, my boyfriend would be so pissed! I tell you, you cant cum in me because Im not on birth control but you just keep fucking me harder and harder and cum inside me!! I am too tipsy to really care and I am pretty sure Ill forget all of this in the morning anyways so I kick out out and curl up in bed :)

Real name: We Are Fucking Fun
Age: 34
Birth Date: April 1, 1983
From: Couple
Gender: girl

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